A Therapeutic Library

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 100 essential books that teach fulfilment, calm and well-being.

Recommended reading from The School of Life, featuring 100 books that offer therapeutic insight and enlightenment.

Product description

There are about 130 million books in the world – and they are being added to at a rate of 4 million a year or so. Which ones, therefore, should we really read? What are the books that count? Which ones are going to make a real difference to us in the limited time we have?

This is The School of Life’s answer: a definitive list of the 100 books that we feel should truly matter to anyone who cares about their development and growth, a 100 books that are guaranteed to inspire, console and uplift us. We find books from all over the world, some very well known, others fascinatingly unfamiliar, united by a common ability to help us grow into the best versions of ourselves and to combat anxiety, despair and loneliness.

This book answers one of the great questions we all face: how to assemble the perfect set of books with which we can acquire self-understanding, calm and emotional maturity; how to build ourselves a true library for happiness.


  • A list of books that offer a kind of therapy: to bolster our confidence; to speak warmly; and to soothe and calm us.
  • Includes chapters on philosophy, psychology, poetry and more, featuring an eclectic selection of books, such as: The Republic by Plato, The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, The Quran, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, On Love by Stendhal, Notes on Grief  by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Riders by Jilly Cooper.
  • A handsome tome that is illustrated throughout with artworks, photography, book covers and illustrations.
  • The fourth book in the Art and Ideas series, following on from Art Against Despair, A Therapeutic Atlas and A History of Ideas.

Hardback Book | 256 pages | 246 x 180mm | 100 images