Intimacy Gift Set

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A gift set to restore intimacy containing Connect, Pillow Talk, Emotional Conversations and The Couple's Workbook. Foster closeness and connection with a loved one and provoke some of the best conversations possible with this set of card games plus 'The Couple's Workbook', containing the very best exercises that any couple can undertake to help their relationship function optimally.

Product description

Contained in this set:

Connect Game – This is a pack of cards to foster connection and closeness, which can (strangely but truly) be generated almost on command by the right sort of conversations. Here are 100 questions that help couples to rekindle affection. They lead naturally to chats about what we are ready to forgive, what we deeply appreciate, what remains exciting and what is especially worth cherishing. This is a deceptively simple game with life-changing consequences.

100 cards with dice | 100 x 100 x 60mm | Instruction booklet included


Pillow TalkThis pack of cards is designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk: the sort where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness and intellectual curiosity. Here are sixty questions to provoke some of the best conversations possible, guaranteed to leave us with a new sense of liberation and closeness.

60 pillow talk cards in a gift box | 100 x 80 x 32mm | Contains adult content



Emotional Conversations – Relationships usually go wrong not because we are ‘bored’ or ‘with the wrong person’ but because we have failed to make ourselves understood and haven’t managed to properly understand our partner. Occasionally, relationships need to be restarted. These cards reopen channels of emotional communication that have, very understandably, become clogged up over time. The questions, and the supporting micro-essays, invite candour, confession and radical openness.


The Couple’s Workbook – Love is a skill, not just an emotion – and in order for us to get good at it, we have to practice, as we would in any other area we want to shine in. Here is a workbook containing the very best exercises that any couple can undertake to help their relationship function optimally, exercises to foster understanding, patience, forgiveness, humour and resilience in the face of the many hurdles that invariably arise when you try to live with someone else for the long term.

Hardback book | 192 pages | 38 essays | 222 x 155 mm | With exercises and room for notes

Customer Review: ‘Our 10 year anniversary is next month. The recent economic downturn led to some conditions which put a bit more stress on our relationship. I was hoping to find something to freshen our relationship and add a little more love and conversation and lightness to our chats. I really enjoy icebreaker/fall-in-love-with-100-questions questions, but we’ve been through the online ones and the few i bought from the not-to-be-named online retailer were disappointing.

These School of Life card sets are the best I’ve ever seen. The questions are rich and beautifully phrased. My partner, who occasionally tires of icebreakers, said (unprompted!) how much he liked these. A perfect Make-Us-Better anniversary gift. Thanks, School of Life.’