The Career Workbook

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A thought-provoking and practical workbook with exercises to help you discover a career that is truly fulfilling. The Career Workbook is a guided journal designed to help you find a more fulfilling career. Through a series of essays, questions and written exercises, you’ll build up a personalised portrait of your talents and ambitions and zero in on the career that will satisfy both.

Product description

The book will help you…

• Establish a firm, clear and realistic sense of your talents, passions, ambitions and weaknesses.

• Understand how your upbringing and past has influenced your career decisions.

• Identify and overcome psychological obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

• Decide exactly how and when to make a career change.

The book applies a uniquely philosophical perspective to the world of work. It dares us to ask truly big questions: about why humans need work; the kinds of work that truly motivate us; and how the right job can give our lives purpose and meaning.

Following our bestselling The Couples Workbook and The Calm Workbook, The Career Workbook is the latest title in our Workbook series: a collection of guided journals filled with philosophical essays and psychological exercises designed to provide clear, definitive answers to the most difficult questions we face.

  • A guided journal to help those who feel directionless with over 60 15-minute exercises to prompt us to think deeply about what we want and need from our career.
  • Drawing upon the philosophical learnings of The School of Life, The Career Workbook uses psychological techniques to foster greater self-understanding – helping you to make well informed decisions about your career.
  • Unlock your true potential through an inspiring series of prompts, questions and essays, that guide you towards an approach to work that will honour your talents and allow you to thrive.
  • Part of a series of bestselling guided workbooks from The School of Life. Other titles include: The Couple’s Workbook, The Calm Workbook, and Who Am I?.

Customer Review: ‘Spectacular. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Had breakthroughs and even purchased it for a friend who is now also on an amazing journey. You have a great mission!’